This is our source page for information on the Boat Crew Academy.

Below you will find a list of training prerequisites, study materials and schedules for the Boat Crew Academy.

We will be continually updating the page as we get closer to the first week of training. 

These are the basic study guides for the Boat Crew Academy.  Download them and save to your device.  If you have a laptop, iPad or other tablet you can use in class that would be great.  We will not be providing copies of these materials.  Printing could be very costly, recommend electronic version.  You do need to print the Guide, three hole punch and in a binder:  NOTE. Each page of the Auxiliary Boat Crew Qualification Guide must have your name and member number on the top of each page, yes each page.

You do need to print this one>Auxiliary_Boat_Crew_Qualification_Guide_Crew_Member






Auxiliary Coxswain Initial Qualification

Initial Completion

Completion of Auxiliary Coxswain PQS (Volume II)* 28 hours underway as boat crew
8-Hour TCT (Team Coordination Training) Operations Policy Exam

Navigation Rules (70) Exam
1-Hour Operations Policy Yearly Refresher ICS 100
ICS 200
ICS 210 or ICS 300
ICS 700
ICS 800
BQ or AX Status
QE Check Ridepage1image1380167152page1image1380167440

*Auxiliary Coxswain PQS must be complete except for QE (Qualification Examiner) portions.
*Check ride consists of two portions with the Qualification Examiner: (1) oral board, (2) on-the-water.

*QE will need a printout from AUXDATA to verify TCT and ICS portions. The QE must have this print out at least two weeks prior to when the check ride is scheduled.

Auxiliary Coxswain Maintenance Checklist

Item Completion

12 hours underway during calendar year 1-Hour Operations Policy Yearly Refresher 1-Hour TCT Yearly Refresher
8-Hour TCT once every 5 years

Navigation Rules (95) once every 5 years Check ride at least once every 3 years


*Failure to satisfy all of these requirements result in REYR. REYR is the status of temporarily losing qualification. You must satisfy the missing requirement before the qualification is reinstated.

*You can be in REYR for up to two years. Failure to satisfy the requirements after two years will result in loss of qualification. The member must then start the qualification process all over to regain the qualification.

These are videos of the most used knots.  While we will have a class on these knots, please grab some line and study these.