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However the Best way to answer all your questions is to come to a meeting.

So you have talked with your local flotilla, and you have decided that you and the Coast Guard Auxiliary will be a good fit. Here in the “Aux,” we like to hit the ground running. Your first step is to read the Reference Guide, and take the New Applicant Exam (the Reference Guide still has the former title “New Member” but that’s okay). There’s no pressure – the test is open book. Both the Reference Guide and its test are available for download right here.  You can bring your completed test to your next flotilla meeting.

As a brand new flotilla member, you cannot wear the uniform just yet. But do come to your flotilla meetings – there are many people to meet, and there is much to learn!

You may very well receive your member number within two weeks of submitting your application. (barring the unexpected), the Director of Auxiliary (DIRAUX for short) will notify your flotilla commander that you can proceed to the next phase called “Provisional Membership.” Upon concurrence from your flotilla commander, the DIRAUX will issue you your first Coast Guard Auxiliary ID number. You can now wear the uniform and participate in a wide range of activities.

You will start off in something called “AP” (Application Pending) status. 

When you see the blue icon like the one above it
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This legacy term really means that your Personal Security Investigation (PSI) is still pending. PSIs used to take a long, long time, but now they only take a few more months to complete. The Coast Guard has established Mandated Training requirements for Active Duty and Auxiliary personnel alike  As a new member in AP status, this is a good time to knock off your ten Mandated Training courses. Your flotilla will assist you with that.  Many Auxiliary activities require Mandated Training completion, so you might as well take care of these short courses now.

Your next step up from AP status is BQ (Basically Qualified). There are two requirements to advance to BQ status. One is a one-day boating safety course which your flotilla will provide. The other is the Basic Qualification Course (BQ II for short) which can be accessed at the Coast Guard Auxiliary’s Online Classroom.  BQC II is very informative and useful. Even Auxiliarists with many years of service say that they have learned from it.

If your PSI check goes well and you have finished your boating safety course and BQ II, then you will be accorded the status of BQ. At that point, you will be a full-fledged member of the Coast Guard Auxiliary!  Members in BQ status who have completed Mandated Training can aspire to serving in appointed or elected office, to commanding Auxiliary aircraft and boats, and to assisting Active Duty units.

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